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The Bridging Aid III

Support Programs for Business, Culture and Trade


The Bridging Assistance is available to Solo Self-Employed Persons and Self-Employed Members of the Liberal Professions in their Main Occupation in all Sectors, as well as all Companiesthat had a global maximum Turnover of 750 Million Euros in 2020.m

The Funding Period was announced by November 2020 to June 2021, but this has now been extended by the German Government to March 31, 2022. The Subsidy can be applied for in the Event of a Drop in Sales of at least 30 Percent compared with the Reference Month in the Previous Year.

"all Companies, that have voluntarily closed due to Inefficiency as a Result of Corona Regulations may apply for Temporary Bridge Assistance IV, initially from January 1 through February 28, 2022 (extended)"



In each case, the Performance Month is compared with the same Month of the Previous Year.


Bavaria: On July 6, 2021, Dr. Florian Herrmann (CSU), Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, announced at a Cabinet Meeting in Munich that the Bavarian Federal and State Governments would provide a Total of 190 Million Euros to promote Mobile Air Purifiers in Schools. This is to be used to supply around 60,000 Classrooms and 50,000 Rooms in Daycare Centers with Air Purifiers.

  • Mobile Air Purifiers with an efficient Filter Function are supported, regardless of the Ventilation Situation.
  • The State subsidizes 50 Percent of the Acquisition Costs, with the Rest to be covered by the School Board

The Following has already expired:

The Federal State of Bavaria promotes Measures that ensure Infection Control Ventilation in Schools, Day Care Centers for Children with Special Needs, large Day Care Centers and Day Care Centers through the "Guideline for the Promotion of Investment Costs for Technical Measures for Infection Control Ventilation in Schools (FILS-R)".The Free State of Bavaria is providing 50 Million Euros for this Purpose.

With the "Guideline for the Promotion of Investment Costs for Technical Measures for Infection-Protection-Compliant Ventilation in Day Care for Children and in Therapeutic Day Care Centers for the Youth and Disabled, as well as for Equipment to Improve Hygiene on the Occasion of the Corona Pandemic 2020-2021", the State of Bavaria is promoting the Purchase of Mobile Air Purifiers with a Fan Function. This is intended to promote the active Reduction of Aerosol Concentrations in Day Care Centers for Children and curative Day Care Centers for young People and the Disabled.

  • The state subsidizes up to 50% of eligible Expenses for Mobile Air Purifiers and is limited to €1,750 per Room.
  • Any Room in which Students and/or Teachers are present for an extended period of Time and regular School Activities occur is eligible.
  • In case of Lack of Possibility to Ventilate the Rooms sufficiently, Mobile Air Purifiers that have a Filtering Function are considered as an Object of Support.


Hamburg: On October 30, 2020, the Hamburg Senate announced a "Containment Ordinance to help reduce Contacts, slow down the Incidence of Infection and minimize the Number of severe Courses of Disease. Since November 2, the School Authorities have been providing Funding of 400 Euros per Classroom and a Total of more than four Million Euros. These Room Improvement Measures also include Air Purifiers and are aimed at preventing School Closures and thus ensuring continued access to Education.


Berlin: On November 3, 2020, the Berlin Senate decided to equip Schools that are difficult to ventilate due to their structural Situation with Mobile Air Purification Devices. A total Subsidy of 4.5 Million Euros was approved here.


Rheinland-Pfalz: On 20.10.2020, the Council of Ministers decided on a Funding Program for Ventilation Devices in the amount of six Million Euros. This Program enables School Authorities to purchase Mobile Air Purification Devices for Schools. However, it is assumed that the respective Rooms are also used and that the Windows are not sufficient for the Measures. Furthermore, it depends on the right Equipment and Maintenance.


Nordrhein-Westfalen: This funding Program has expired since Jan. 15, 2021.

The "Guideline for the Promotion of Investment Expenditures for Technical Measures for Infection-Protection-Compatible Ventilation in Schools (FRL-Luft)" of November 9, 2020, provides that Mobile Air Purifiers can be subsidized in Schools where Ventilation is insufficient. For this Purpose, a One-time Subsidy of 500 Euros per Device is granted for Operation and Maintenance.


Hessen: On November 4, 2020, the Hessian State Parliament approved an Emergency Program of 10 Million Euros to help Schools further promote the Hygiene and Infection Control Measures already in use. Air Purifiers will be promoted, especially in the Case of insufficient Ventilation Options.


Saarland: The Saarland Ministry of the Interior has made four Million Euros available for the Acquisition of Air Purifiers, with the Help of which 100% of the Acquisition Costs are covered. Here, the Municipal School Authorities must independently ensure that the Air Purifier meets certain Criteria:

  • Sufficient Volume Flow (measured by the Room Size)
  • lowest possible Noise Generation
  • proper Operation and Maintenance
  • the Choice of Location, to achieve the best possible Result

Thüringen: The Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture is providing Funding in the Amount of 5 Million Euros. According to Susanna Karawanskij, State Secretary in the TMIL (Thuringian Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture), they are providing 5 Million Euros in an unbureaucratic Way to improve Infection Protection in Classrooms. The Money is there to support Mobile Air Filtration Systems, partitioning and other necessary Measures for better Infection Protection in Classrooms, said Karawanskij.


Baden-Württemberg: The State of Baden-Württemberg relies from next Fall on the Use of Mobile Air Purifiers and supports the Equipment of Schools, School Boards with a total of 60 Million Euros. Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) explained on Monday that you have to drive on two Tracks, and set so in Addition to the Use of Masks, Rapid Tests, etc. on the Use of Air Purifiers.

  • Mobile Air Purifiers with an efficient Filter Function are supported, regardless of the Ventilation Situation.
  • The State subsidizes 50 Percent of the Acquisition Costs, with the Rest to be covered by the School Board

This Funding Program has expired.

On November 24, 2020, the State published a Funding Programthat is intended to support Schools with the help of a Sum of 40 Million Euros for Digitization and Investments in Room Air Hygiene Measures. A one-off Payment will be made to 4,500 Schools, which will be extended by a further Amount depending on the Number of Pupils.

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