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Nitrile Gloves black, Powder-free

Nitrile Gloves are used in a wide Range of Branches, especially our Nitrile Gloves in black are very popular. Because in many Areas it is mandatory to wear disposable Gloves to protect the Hands as well as the Health. Particularly for the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Chemical Sector as well as in the Catering Industry, Nitrile Gloves in Black are worn with great pleasure. They offer Safety in the professional everyday Life, and in Times of Coronavirus and Co., also in the private Environment. Nitrile Gloves are especially well tolerated by Allergies and offer a high wearing Comfort, because Nitrile is Synthetic and 100% free of Latex-Proteins.

Nitrile Disposable Gloves in black and Powder-free by deusmed in Brief:
Nitrile Gloves convince with many Advantages

Nitrile Gloves are Protective Gloves made of Nitrile, a Synthetic Rubber. They have similar Features as Latex Gloves, but do not contain Latex Proteins, which often caused Allergies. Therefore, Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder-free by deusmed are also suitable for Allergy Sufferers.

Nitrile Protective Gloves reliably protect against Pathogens, Viruses as well as Pathogenic Germs, so they are recommended in Medical Facilities.

They can be used in Food Processing and Restaurant Kitchens, as they are resistant to Fats and Oils.

They also withstand high mechanical Stress and protect very well, because Nitrile is a resistant Material. This is particularly advantageous in many Craft Trades, where Resistance to Tearing is important, as is Resistance to many Liquids. Likewise in the Chemical Industry,where Resistance to Oils and Acids is required.

The high Flexibility is equally important, because Nitrile is extremely elastic and keeps tight.


Nitrile Gloves are are very skin-friendly,as they are 100% free of Latex Proteins. In addition, they offer optimal Heat Dissipation and are thus comfortable on the Skin even when worn for long periods, as Sweating is reduced. The Tactile Sensitivity is very good, so that even precise Activities such as Tattoo Stitching or Cosmetics can be performed reliably.

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100 Pack | Nitrile Gloves | Black, various Sizes | DEUSMED

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Advantages Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder-free
Important Facts about our Nitrile Disposable Gloves by deusmed

Be sure to choose the right Size of your Nitrile Gloves.
Because only in this way the optimal Protective Effect unfolds.
Our Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder-free in black and blue from deusmed can be ordered in Sizes XS to XL.

We are happy to advise you.
Because it is important that you choose the right Gloves for the Area of use you need.

How to find the right Size Gloves

Well-fitting Gloves provide the best Protection and Comfort during daily Wear. Therefore, measure your Hand Circumference at the widest Part of the Hand, which is usually just behind the Knuckles.

The Main Applications of Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves are comfortable to wear, Skin-friendly and very resilient.
Therefore, they can be used in different Areas and Industries.

Particularly in Nursing Homes or in Social Wards, the Focus is often on Body Care of the Patients. Nitrile Gloves are highly recommended here due to their excellent Skin compatibility. Wherever Caregivers come into direct Contact with Body Fluids, Nitrile Disposable Gloves by deusmed offer reliable Protection.

In Doctor´s Practices, inpatient or outpatient Facilities, it is important for Employees to be protected against pathogenic Germs, Viruses and Bacteria. Our Nitrile Disposable Gloves in black or blue from deusmed provide this Protection. Especially in the medical Environment, Employees often wear Disposable Gloves for many hours at a Time. Nitrile is therefore ideal, because the Skin can continue to breathe, the Hands sweat little due to the good Heat Dissipation and the Material is puncture and tear resistant.

In the Catering Sector, in Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Snack Bars, Hygiene should be a top Priority. Therefore, Nitrile Gloves are often worn, especially also as Protection against possible Stings or Injuries. They also symbolize Hygiene and Cleanliness and are predominantly Part of the Workwear for Cooks, Waiters or Bartenders.

The Material Nitrile is resistant to Grease as well as Oil and therefore offers Protection in the Food Industry. Many People have also developed an Allergy to Latex, so by wearing Nitrile Gloves you can reduce allergic Reactions among Employees as well as when consuming the Food. Likewise, deusmed's Nitrile Disposable Gloves do not contain Plasticizers, which are often Fat and Oil soluble. They are Powder-free and Food-safe - as prescribed in the Food Industry - and thus Guarantee Germ-free as well as Hygienic processing of any Food.

During Cosmetic Treatments or in the Nail Studio there is close Skin Contact, so that Nitrile Gloves offer Protection with very high Mobility. Especially here, the highest Hygiene as well as the Protection of the Employees as well as the People to be treated should be paid Attention to, so that Nitrile Gloves offer themselves.

In the Craft, difficult Tasks are often carried out and Employees sometimes come into Contact with Oils, Greases or even Chemicals. The Use of Nitrile Gloves can reduce the Risk.

When doing Tattoos, Precision is essential. With our Nitrile Disposable Gloves in black by deusmed you have stylish Protection against possible Infections and preserve your Sense of Fine Motor Skills through a very good Tactile Sensitivity in the Gloves. Especially with the Disposable Gloves in black, Blood or even Color Stains are only slightly noticeable, which is why they are very suitable.

Nitrile Gloves are insensitive to many Chemicals used in Laboratories such as Solvents, Greases or Oils. Therefore, especially in Industrial Laboratories, they are a Main Component of Occupational Safety for all Employees.

In the Podiatry Sector, it is important that Employees are protected from possible Infections caused by Injuries, and Hygiene should also be a Priority. With Nitrile Gloves, work is perfectly possible, the Hands are protected and wrapped in the best possible puncture-resistant Way.

During Maintenance, Hands are in Contact with Cleaning Agents, Chemicals and possibly Pathogens or Germs. Therefore, especially during Cleaning, Hands should be comprehensively protected, so chemical-resistant Nitrile Gloves are advisable.

How should you care for your Hands before wearing Protective Gloves?

First, wash your Hands thoroughly. Dry them and take Hand Disinfection Measures. Only then put on the Gloves.
After wearing the Gloves, you should apply Lotion to your Hands and take care of them.

What are the Disposable Gloves approved for according to European Standards?

Pay Attention to the Labels attached to the Boxes of the Gloves. The so-called Glass Fork Symbol provides Information about what the Disposable Gloves are approved for.

In both European Standards EN 455 and EN 374, the Legislator regulates the Quality of Disposable Medical Gloves.

The Norm DIN EN 455 Standard identifies Disposable Gloves as a medical Product. It deals with the Imperviousness, the biological Evaluation,the physical Properties as well as their Durability..

The DIN EN 374 Standard states that the Glove protects against Chemicals or Microorganisms. This Standard regulates chemical Resistance..

Disposable Gloves by deusmed in tested Safety

At deusmed you can get Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder-free, which are manufactured according to the European Standards.

The European Standard EN 455
  • EN 455-1 Leakage Test of the Disposable Gloves by means of an AQL Test as well as a Water Impermeability Test. This is the only Way to guarantee Protection against Viruses and Bacteria.
  • EN 455-2
    Testing of physical Properties
    of Disposable Gloves. Checking the required Dimensions as well as the Tear Resistance of a Disposable Medical Glove. Fit, Size and Formations are checked.
  • EN 455-3
    Biological Evaluation
    of Disposable Gloves for Chemicals, Powder Residues, Endotoxins or Proteins that could be contained in the Glove. This Standard Specifies which components may be contained.
  • EN 455-4
    Check the Durability
    of the Gloves, as a Rule, it is five Years. Large Temperature Fluctuations or Heat should be avoided. Because only in this Way the Protective Equipment retains its good Quality, Elasticity and Stability in the long term.


The European Standard EN 374

DIN EN 374 specifies the Requirements that Protective Gloves must meet when coming into Contact with Chemicals and Microorganisms so that they can be used in the Medical Sector.

There are two Classes here:

  • Disposable Gloves for Simple Use with Lower Protection Needs. These bear the so-called "Erlenmeyer Flask" as a Label. They protect against Chemicals for up to 30 Minutes.
  • Full Disposable Gloves with increased Protection Needs. These are divided into six Classes. The higher the Class, the higher the Protection. The Breakthrough Times of Chemicals are also defined here. Breakthrough Time means the amount of Time it takes for a Chemical to penetrate Disposable Gloves or Protective Equipment.

Here there are three Stages from the Contact of the Chemical with the Surface of the Glove, to the Spreading of the Chemical and Penetration into the Glove, to the Contact of the Chemical with the Skin in the Glove.

The Gloves with the highest Protection Standard, i.e. fully Disposable Gloves, bear the "Beaker" Symbol as Identification.


We will gladly advise you

We are happy to offer you comprehensive Purchase Advice on our Nitrile Disposable Gloves by deusmed.

You can reach us by Phone +49 911 477 388 00
Or feel free to contact us via our Contact Form


The Selection of Nitrile Gloves is Wide. If you are not sure which Nitrile Gloves are the right ones for you, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and help you make your Decision.

Nitrile Gloves in black are very popular especially in the Gastronomy Sector because of the Coolness. In General, Nitrile Gloves are suitable everywhere where (previously) also Latex Gloves were used. Especially in the Medical Environment ( Human Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine), Doctor's Offices or Outpatient Clinics, Nursing, Tattoo Studios, Cosmetics, Food Industry, Handicrafts or Chemistry as well as in the Private Environment.

Nitrile Gloves are Disposable Gloves that are Latex-free and mostly unpowdered. They are well suited for Allergy Sufferers and can be worn for many Hours even with sensitive Skin.

Nitrile Gloves are Single-Use Products and should therefore be discarded after one use. Please dispose of them in the Residual Waste and by no means in the Yellow Plastic Bin.

Nitrile Gloves that are powdered on the inside are available, but very rarely in Use. This is because Nitrile Gloves are very smooth on the inside anyway, making them easy to put on and take off. Powder has the disadvantage that it often leaves Residues and contaminates clothing. In addition, Powder can irritate the Respiratory tract, cause Wound Infections or provoke an Allergic Reaction. Therefore, we at deusmed offer only non-powdered Disposable Gloves.

Nitrile is a synthetic Rubber that behaves similar to Latex. However, Nitrile is safe for Allergy Sufferers as it does not contain any Plasticizers or Latex Proteins.

Nitrile behaves very similarly to Latex in many Properties. However, Nitrile Gloves are mechanically much stronger than Latex (higher Perforation Strength) and have a higher Chemical Resistance. The Sensitivity is very high as well as the Stretchability. Nitrile Gloves are safe for Allergy Sufferers and are also approved for Contact with a wide variety of Foodstuffs. They are more durable overall.

There is no known Allergy to Nitrile Gloves. Only Allergies against Latex.

Gloves used in the OR must be sterile. Often, these Surgical Gloves are made of Natural Latex, Polychlopene or any other sterile Material.

At deusmed you will find Nitrile Gloves in black or blue in Sizes between XS and XL.

Especially the good Skin Compatibility, a high Wearing Comfort as well as the good Dissipation of Heat speak for Nitrile. This protects you against Viruses, Bacteria and Pathogenic Germs as well as against Chemicals, Solvents, Oils and Fats.

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