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Desinfektion und Hygiene

Hygiene, Disinfection and Surface Cleaning are the talk of the town and important for our Health. However, it is important to choose the right Products. Products you can rely on. Disinfectants from deus21 have a big Advantage:

Disinfectants from deus21 are without Alcohol and completely Water-based.

Thus, you can store our Disinfectants anywhere. You have no Dangerous Goods in the House and you can decant into smaller Containers at any time and anywherewhich, in the Case of Disinfectants containing Alcohol, is only permitted at special Transfer Stations. During the Pandemic, this was allowed as an Exception to store and transfer Alcohol-based Disinfectants everywhere.

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Hand Disinfectant

Especially during the Pandemic and also in normal Times, Hand Disinfection is important! Especially in Areas where Hand Disinfection is frequently necessary, such as Surgical Hand Disinfection or in Nursing or Medical Environments, you should pay particular Attention to the correct Application Time and above all also a Hand Disinfection Instructions deposit in the appropriate Places so all Employees can properly disinfect their Hands.

  • Hygienic Hand Disinfection from deus21 Gentle to the Skin as well as the Surfaces and our Hand Disinfectants are "limited virucidal plus“.
  • With us you get Hand Disinfection Gel, Sonett Hand Disinfection in Container Sizes of 100ml, 5 Liters and 20 Liters.
  • Our Hand Disinfectants are VAH-listed, VAH-certified, fungicidal, sporicidal as well as bactericidal.
  • All Water-based and Alcohol-free.
  • We also sell Sterilium, Products made by Hartmann and Sagrotan.
Surface Disinfection
  • Our Products for Surface Disinfection are available in Container Sizes of 5 Liters and 20 Liters.
  • Make sure that the Hygiene Regulations and all Hygiene Measures are freely accessible in your House and are adhered to.
  • Our Surface Disinfectants are Water-based and Alcohol-free.
Room Disinfection (Fogging)

The Use of Nebulizers for Room Disinfection is particularly useful for ensuring Hygiene Guidelines in certain Industries, such as Catering or Food Production. This allows you to clean Rooms and Surfaces hygienically and even hard-to-reach Places are reliably disinfected.

For the optimal Disinfection of your Rooms we offer you for the Room Disinfection Nebulizer.

  • Hard-to-reach Places, Surfaces as well as the Room Air are comprehensively disinfected
  • You can comply with all Hygiene Regulations
  • The Application is really simple
  • The disinfected Room can be used again quickly
  • You do not need a Employee Training
Surface Wipes

For thorough and hygienic Cleaning of Surfaces, we have Surface Wipes in our Assortment. These ensure Disinfection that is gentle on Surfaces. Our Products are Water-based and Alcohol-free.

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All Hygiene Products as well as Disinfectants at deus21 are VAH-certified and construed according to the WHO Hand Disinfection. We advise you to instruct a Hygiene Officer in the Company, so that you and your Employees enjoy the best possible Safety. Make sure you have a well thought-out Hygiene Plan and that the Hygiene Rules are accessible to all Employees.

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