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Contactless Wall-Disinfection-Dispenser

【Works Contactless】

【Easy Installation】

【Fixed to the Wall】

【Battery OR Cord powered】

【Dispensed as Foam, Spray or Gel】

【For all Applications and Branches】

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This automatic Soap Dispenser makes it easier than ever to comply with Health Standards when washing your Hands.

Thanks to the Infrared Sensor, you can soap and/or disinfect your Hands without Contact.

Perfectly suitable for Restrooms, Hospitals, Public Facilities and the Catering Industry.

Dimensions: 150*100*251 mm 

Power Supply: DC 6V 

Net Weight: 0.8kg

Output per Use: 1 ml

Filling Capacity: 300 ml

Size: 97*72*249 mm


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