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HEPA 13/14 - & Activated Carbon Filter GT1100 Air Purifier | Smarthome capable | DeusAirMed | 1500m3/h, UVC, Sleep Mode

HEPA 13/14 - u. Aktivkohlefilter GT1100 Luftreiniger | Smarthome fähig | DeusAirMed | 1500m3/h, UVC, Schlafmodus

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Niedrige Temperaturen und hohe Heizkosten sorgen für Engpässe beim Lüften.
Unsere Luftreiniger bekämpfen Krankheitserreger, Bakterien, Vieren und gefährlichen Haus- und Feinstaub aus Elektrogeräten.

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Der GT 1100 ist nicht nur aufgrund seines Namens mit einem Sportwagen zu verwechseln, durch seine Leistung von 101 Watt kommt er dieser Größenordnung sogar gefährlich nahe!

Almost everyone knows it. In dusty Rooms you often have to Sneeze, the Nose is constantly running due to Pollen Allergy and Animal Hair bring the Eyes to itch. With the three different Filters this has an End! The Purifier filters Particles as small as 0.2µm, 99.99% from the Air and provides you with clean Air again.


6-fold Cleaning

After the 4-Compartment Filter System consisting of

→ einem waschbarem Vorfilter

→ einen antibakteriellen Baumwollfilter der groben Verschmutzungen abfängt

→ einem HEPA Filter that captures 99.99% of all Fine Dust Particles

→ und einer Aktivkohleschicht,

which removes various Pollutants such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene, TVOD and Odors from the Air.

Furthermore, a UV-V-Lamp is used to decontaminate the Room Air and the Anion-Function makes it possible to filter even smaller Particles.

Easy Filter Change
Despite the 3-Filter System and the built-in UV-C Lamp, the Filter Change is done within Minutes.

Display & Touchscreen
The Touch Screen makes the Purifier extremely easy to use and shows all important Information at once.

App/Remote Control
The Ability to use the Device via App and Remote Control makes it attractive not only for modern Smart Home Users, but for all Users today. With a touch of one Button, the Device can be integrated into the Home WLAN and from now on can be easily controlled via a wide Range of End Devices.

Night Mode
If you switch the Purifier to Night Mode, all Lights/Displays are turned off and the Fans reduce their Speed until the Unit is running unnoticed in the Background at a Volume of 29 dB.

Perfect Air Quality
In Addition to the Compartment Filter System of the Tube, 3-the GT 1100 also has the Anion Function, which enables it to filter smaller Particles even more reliably and thus achieves a CADR Value of 1100m³/h.

Active Virus Control
For active Virus Control, the TUBE 960 is equipped with a UV-C Lamp that can be switched ON or OFF with the touch of one Button and Sterilizes up to 99.99% of all Viruses, Germs and Bacteria.

Pleasant Sleep Volume
Although the GT 1100 is a very powerful Air Purifier with 101 Watts, you can use it at Night due to the Sleep Mode without any Problems.

Display, Remote Control or Smarthome-App-Control garantieren eine einfache Bedienung und mit der WLAN-Einbindung können alle Parameter nach Belieben automatisiert werden.

Smart Air Purification
The Smart Function regulates the Cleaning Stage automatically and permanently shows the current Air Quality via LED.

If the Timer-Settings is activated, the Device will switch off automatically.

CE Certified
With the CE Certification, the Manufacturer promises that the GT 1100 fulfills all the Requirements placed on the Product and the EU Directives on this.



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