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closed Safety Glasses | transparent | PVC Lenses; PVC Temples

closed Safety Glasses | transparent | PVC Lenses; PVC Temples

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【CE and DFA certified】

【Splash and Impact Resistant】

【Antifog Coating 】

【EN 166:2001, 167:2001 and 168:2001 compliant】

【Suitable for Eyeglass Wearers】


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To provide maximum Protection, the Glasses are closed on the Outside, are impact and splash Resistant and are equipped with an Anti-Fog Coating. Its Polycarbonate Lenses ensure a good Visibility due to their Coatings. It has an Elastic Headband and its closed "Over-Glasses" Design makes it perfect for those who wear Glasses. The lightweight Polycarbonate Frame ensures a comfortable wearing Experience.

The Glasses are FDA- and CE certified and meet the Requirements of EN 166 and ANSI Z87 Standards.

EN 166:2001 – Anforderungen für persönlichen Augenschutz

EN 167:2001 – Optische Prüfverfahren für persönlichen Augenschutz

EN 168:2001 - Non-Optical Test Methods for Personal Eye Protection


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