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5x Medical Protective Visor in Blue, Perfect Protection

5x Medical Protective Visor in Blue, Perfect Protection

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A medical Protective Visor by Deus21

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Professional Protection
Reusable Safety Face Shields, Large Area from Eyebrows to Chin to protect against foreign Aggression, Full Face Protection from Droplets, Saliva, Splashes, Oil and Dust.

Due to the adjustable Bracket, the Visor is suitable for Men and Women, as well as Children. In Addition, people who wear Glasses can wear this Face Shield without any Problems.

Packing Contents
5X Bracket + 5X Visor (It is recommended to change and clean the Visor regularly. The Visor can be easily cleaned with Water or sterilized by spraying it with Alcohol or Disinfectant. It can be worn with glasses).

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