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50 Pack | Mouth-Nose-Protection | Black/Schwarz | NPS

50 Pack | Mouth-Nose-Protection | Black/Schwarz | NPS

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Mouth-/Nose Protection Masks for Adults made by NPS

Perfectly Protective Masks

Den Atemschutz von NPS gibt es in den verschiedensten Farben und hat sich in der Vergangenheit, beim Schutz von Menschen, stets bewährt.

Comfortable to Wear

The Folding Technique allows the User to expand the Mask as large as needed. It ensures that the Face of Young and Old is always covered and protected.

Perfect Fit

A sewn-in Nose Clip ensures that the Mask sits comfortably even over a long Period of time also for People who wear Glasses, this effectively prevents the Lenses from fogging up.

Multilayer Efficiency

With its 3 Layers, the Face Mask is perfect for a hygienic Coexistence. It consists of a Polypropylene Out-Layer, which is Water repellent. The middle Layer, which isolates Bacteria and other Particles due to the Fusible-Blown-Fleece. And the inner Layer, which absorbs Moisture and creates a soft and comfortable Feeling for the User.

Packed Separately

To ensure hygienic Handling for Employees, Fellow People and Customers, the Masks are Individually Packed for easy and convenient distribution.

Non Medical

Since the Masks are classified as Non-Medical, they are Free to purchase.

CE Certified


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