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In Bavaria, Recreational Activities such as visiting a Cinema or Restaurant in the Outdoor Area should be possible again as of May 10th. With certain Conditions the stay is to represent a very low Infection Risk by sufficient Distance and the Presentation of a negative Test Result also here.  In order to soon make Indoor Activities possible again, Hygiene Concepts by Air Purifiers & Co. can make the Difference.

At first Glance, it seems almost pointless to open Cinemas and prevent other Indoor Activities. However, the Concept behind it is simple and effective. Cinemas are equipped with good Ventilation Systems which ensure that the Air is well circulated and thus no Aerosol Concentration of Infectious Level can be generated. Furthermore, the Ceilings are very high, which ensures that Aerosols can not accumulate too close to the people. In order to be able to resume Operations in other Facilities, Air Purifiers provide the Solution here.

Air Purifier in Real Conditions:

To this End, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has investigated the Method of actively reducing the Particle Concentration in an enclosed Space with the help of an Air Purifier. To measure this, a Room was equipped with several fine Dust Measuring Devices. These Devices can measure Particles in the Size Range of 0.18 - 18µm¹ using Optical Dynamic Light Scattering. Human breathing was then simulated with artificial Aerosol Generation and subsequently measured under different Circumstances.

Not surprisingly, a permanent, strong Reduction in the Aerosol Concentration could be observed after a short time. Within a few Minutes, the Level of Exposure could be reduced by up to 90%² and even with open Windows, with the help of Air Purifiers, a significantly lower Concentration of Particle Numbers could be observed.

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