Up to 100% Reimbursement!

The Bridging Aid III

Thanks to the third Version of the Bridging Aid, Air Purifiers purchased after September 1, 2020 are now also eligible for Government Subsidies. You can apply for a Repayment of fixed Costs for your Company until August 1, 2020, and thus receive up to 100% of the Purchase Costs back.

To be noted!
A Company must show a Cost Decrease of at least 30% compared to the same Month in the previous Year, in order to claim the Fixed Cost Reimbursement. The more you have lost in Revenue, the greater the fixed Cost Reimbursement will be.
Recorded drop in Sales of:Results in fixed Cost Reimbursement ofCost of GTs with offset Refund (plus VAT)Cost of Tubes with offset Refund (plus VAT)
70,00%100,00%0,00 €0,00 €
50% and 70%60,00%570,00 €379,90 €
30% and 50%40,00%855,00 €569,40 €

Furthermore, in Educational Institutions such as Schools as well as Day Care Centers for Children and the Disabled, Hygiene Measures are supported by the State. More here

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