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As we all know, we can ensure the Functionality of Technical Equipment with regular Maintenance or with the Observance of Service Intervals. 

This also significantly affects the Service Life of Electrical Appliances. We all know this from Cars, for example. If you take care of your Vehicle and regularly take it in for Service, you will ensure that it retains its Value and lasts a long Time. 
This also applies to all the Devices you purchase from us. Whether Air Purifiers, Defibrillators or Point-of-Care Devices. Air Purifiers in particular need to be serviced regularly. 
This naturally includes the Filter Change but also the general Cleaning of the Device. 
We offer permanent Service and professional Maintenance for Equipment purchased from us.We offer permanent service and professional maintenance for equipment purchased from us. These Services will be performed by experienced Specialists, who know exactly what they are doing. In Addition, we of course take care of the Disposal of the replaced Parts such as Hepa-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter or if necessary also UVC Lamps. 
You can book this Service with us. We will also be happy to remind you whenever these Service Intervals are due. 
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