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Retail Customers and a visible Hygiene Concept

Im Einzelhandel, in Geschäften und Gewerbebetrieben ist viel Laufkundschaft vorhanden, was wunderbar ist und auf Dauer auch so bleiben sollte. Confidence in the Safety of On-Site Purchasing is immensely important. With a visible and well thought-out Hygiene Concept, you underline how important your Customers are to you. Your Employees as well as Visitors benefit by a reduced exposure to Viruses, Bacteria or Germs. Allergens are reduced and also the Dust or Pollutant Load decreases. Customer satisfaction increases and your Shoppers remain loyal to you and enjoy a carefree Shopping experience.

Ein Luftreiniger im Ladengeschäft schafft Vertrauen und bestärkt die Kunden darin, weiterhin vor Ort einzukaufen. Denn wenn sich die Kunden sicher fühlen und ein gut durchdachtes Hygienekonzept wahrnehmen, kaufen Sie auch gerne vor Ort ein. Installieren Sie einen Luftreiniger und zeigen Sie Ihren Kunden, dass Sie sich kümmern. Dank der Zertifizierung nach DIN EN 1822 erhalten Sie zudem vom Bund oder Freistaat Bayern Förderungen, die Sie in der Anschaffung der Geräte unterstützen.

PCR-Tests am Point of Care

Informieren Sie sich zu unserem neuen „Point-of-Care-Testing“, bei dem Sie anfallende Laboruntersuchungen im Haus durchführen können. Sie sparen viel Zeit und lange Wege zu einem Labor oder bei der Vergabe außer Haus. PCR-Tests können Sie mit unseren Produkten zukünftig komplett selbst durchführen, in dem Sie unseren „Point-of-Care-PCR-Test“ anwenden.

Alcohol-free Disinfection

Our Disinfectants are Alcohol-Free. This gives you the opportunity to store them without hesitation, as they are not hazardous Goods. In addition, it is permitted to decant them into smaller Containers, which is strictly prohibited for Alcohol containing Products.

We are happy to plan a Concept on Site or via Zoom. As you wish!

Our Hygiene Concept as well as Emergency Concept by deus21 for Trade and Commerce

Most businesses in Trade and Commerce work in closed Rooms. It is precisely there that the most frequent Infections with Viruses or Germs take place. Therefore, it is immensely important to pay Attention to the best possible Hygiene, to do a lot for Prevention and also to take action against Pollen and Dust. We at deus21 offer you a comprehensive Hygiene Concept:

  • Air Purification Devices
  • Medical Business Equipment (Defibrillators, etc.)
  • Protective Equipment and Protection Masks
  • Medical Emergency Equipment
  • Devices for Hands and Surfaces Disinfection
  • Consumables for the Devices
  • Disinfectant without Alcohol
  • and many more

We also offer accompanying Services such as such as measuring Allergen Contamination, the air quality, or Signage and Information Concepts

You should also check whether a Defribrillator would be appropriate for your Company, in order to protect both your Employees and your Customers. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Air Purifiers from deus21, which serve the safety at work

Especially for Business Premises, Shops and for Offices, we have two Air Purifiers that are certified according to DIN EN 1822. These can be used in Rooms up to 150 sqm, so a wide Range of Premises should be covered.

A few Details:

  • HEPA Filter (H13 or H14)
  • 48-hr-Replacement-Service in Case of a defective Device
  • Easy Filter Change
  • Certified according to EN 1822
  • TÜV- / GS- Certificates
  • Durable high Quality Components
  • Quiet Ventilation System
  • Filter Residue or Disposal Guarantee

We are here for you and will gladly make you an offer!

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