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In the Transportation Sector, in Public Transport, Local and Long-Distance Traffic - especially at Rush Hour - a large Number of People come together in a very confined Space. In this situation, it is important to reduce the Risk of Infection and to ensure the best possible Hygiene. And with the help of Occupational Health and Safety Measures (OHS) and a well thought-out Hygiene Plan (HAP), it is possible to protect both Passengers and Employees. This can be achieved through Preventive Measures and Air Purifiers. Thanks to the certification according to DIN EN 1822, you can also receive Subsidies for the deus21 Air Purifier from the State of Bavaria as well as from the Federal Government.

Air supply and Air Purification in Public Transport

Especially in Public Transportation, Air Exchange is important to preventively renew the Air as often as possible and thus additionally minimize a possible Infection by Viruses, Bacteria or Germs with the help of a well thought-out Hygiene Concept. The use of Air Purifiers, Disinfectant Dispensers and Air Filters should also be coordinated.

Medical Business Equipment

We at deus21 provide you with a comprehensive Range of Care Aids, Skin Protection Products as well as Skin Care Products. Find out about our new "Point-of-Care-Testing", which allows you to carry out Laboratory Tests at Home or in your own Company. You will save a lot of Time and long Distances to the Lab or when you have to do it out of house. In the Future, you will be able to carry out PCR Tests completely yourself with our Products, by using our "Point-of-Care-PCR-Testing".

Alcohol-free Disinfection

Our Disinfectants are Alcohol-Free. This gives you the opportunity to store them without hesitation, as they are not hazardous Goods. In addition, it is permitted to decant them into smaller Containers, which is strictly prohibited for Alcohol containing Products.

The Hygiene Concept by deus21 for Public Transport and Transportation

Especially Transportation Areas, Public Transport and Buses need new Concepts for Prevention and Hygiene. At deus21 you will find a wide Selection such as:

  • Devices for Air Purification as well as Disinfection
  • Medical Business Equipment (Defibrillators, etc.)
  • Protective Equipment and Protection Masks
  • Medical Emergency Equipment
  • Disinfectant without Alcohol
  • Consumables for the Devices
  • and many more

We also offer accompanying Services such as the such as measuring Allergen Contamination or Air Quality, as well as Signage and Information Concepts.

You should also check whether a Defribrillator would be appropriate for your Company, in order to protect both your Employees and your Customers. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Air Purifier by deus21 for Local and Long Distance Public Transport

Suitable for all Areas in the means of Transport as well as for the Meeting Room and almost every Workplace, we have Air Purifiers that are certified according to DIN EN 1822. These can be used in Rooms up to 150 sqm, so a Variety of Room Sizes and Vehicles should be covered. Our Air Filters are versatile and provide the following Details:

  • HEPA Filter (H13 or H14)
  • Durable high Quality Components
  • Easy Filter Change
  • TÜV- / GS- Certificates
  • Quiet Ventilation System
  • Certified according to EN 1822
  • 48-hr-Replacement-Service in Case of a defective Device
  • Filter Residue or Disposal Guarantee
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