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Durch die Pandemie wurde die Digitalisierung in bei Kommunen und staatlichen Institutionen stark und schnell vorgetrieben. Trotzdem gibt es viele Themen, bei denen man an einem Besuch in Verwaltungen nicht herumkommt. In vielen staatlichen Institutionen, der Stadtverwaltung oder bei einer Behörde ist es wichtig, dass Hygienemaßnahmen eingehalten und die Raumluft regelmäßig ausgetauscht bzw. gereinigt wird. Für Allergiker sollte die Luft gereinigt werden und vor allem ist es wichtig, dass gegen Viren und Keime mit Luftreinigern gearbeitet wird. Unsere Luftreinigungsgeräte von deus21 sind zertifiziert nach DIN EN 1822, so dass Sie Förderungen durch den Bund und das Land Bayern erhalten.

Hygiene and Ventilation in Buildings with lots of Party Traffic

Fresh Air, Air exchange as well as a functioning Hygiene Concept are important in Areas of Governmental Institutions, Administrations and Authorities, where there is a lot of Party Traffic and especially in the Waiting Area there can be larger Crowds. Here, the Purchase of Air Purification Devices as well as a consistent Operational Equipment with Disinfection Possibilities and the Best Possible Hygiene Concept is recommended.

Solutions for the Museum, the Library, the Bookstore or for Collections

In Rooms with alternating Public Traffic, you can use our Air Purifiers to ensure an optimal Room Atmosphere. On the one hand for the Exhibits, whose Exposure to Pollutants, Dust Mold Spores decreases. On the other hand, for your Employees as well as the Visitors, who are exposed to fewer Germs, Viruses or Allergens thanks to the Air Filters in the Exhibition Rooms.

Medical Business Equipment

We at deus21 provide you with a comprehensive Range of Care Aids, Skin Protection Products as well as Skin Care Products. Find out about our new "Point-of-Care-Testing", which allows you to carry out Laboratory Tests at Home or in your own Company. You will save a lot of Time and long Distances to the Lab or when you have to do it out of house. In the Future, you will be able to carry out PCR Tests completely yourself with our Products, by using our "Point-of-Care-PCR-Testing".

Alcohol-free Disinfection

Our Disinfectants are Alcohol-Free. This gives you the opportunity to store them without hesitation, as they are not hazardous Goods. In addition, it is permitted to decant them into smaller Containers, which is strictly prohibited for Alcohol containing Products.

You can use our Air Purifiers just as well in Rooms where Exhibits are stored. Because here, too, the proportion of harmful or polluting Particles decreases when the Air is purified.

Deus21 offers a comprehensive Hygiene Concept for Municipalities, Public Authorities and Museums

From the County Administration to the Public Authority to the Municipality and Museums, we offer comprehensive Hygiene Concept:

  • Devices for Air Purification as well as Disinfection
  • Protective Equipment and Protection Masks
  • Hand and Surface Disinfection
  • Medical Business Equipment (Defibrillators, etc.)
  • Disinfectant without Alcohol
  • Maintenance and Service Offers such as Filter Change
  • Consumables for the Devices
  • and many more

If you are looking for accompanying services, such as measuring Allergen Contamination or air quality,, we also have these in our Range.

You should also check whether a Defribrillator would be appropriate for your Company, in order to protect both your Employees and your Customers. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Air Purifier from deus21 for Government Institutions of any Size

Especially for Municipalities, Administrations or Authorities, we have two Air Purifiers that are certified according to DIN EN 1822. These can be used in Rooms up to 150 sqm, so a wide Range of Premises should be covered.

A few Details:

  • HEPA Filter (H13 or H14)
  • Durable high Quality Components
  • TÜV- / GS- Certificates
  • 48-hr-Replacement-Service in Case of a defective Device
  • Easy Filter Change
  • Quiet Ventilation System
  • Filter Residue or Disposal Guarantee
  • Certified according to EN 1822
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