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How does the HEPA Filter actually work?

Everyone promotes it, but almost no Buyer knows exactly what a HEPA Filter is and why it is so important for Air Purifiers and Filtering Devices. Named Filters achieve a particularly high Degree of Separation through the clever Application of physical Properties, and with them provide a reliable Result. By making use of the following Processes, HEPA Filters now even achieve a Separation Efficiency of 99.995%..

Inertia Effect

Since the Fibers inside the HEPA Filter are not arranged systematically, the Air does not flow through in a straight line and it has to make its way through the Thread Maze of the Filter Fabric. Particles have a certain Inertia due to their Mass. If such a Particle cannot follow the Movement of the Airflow due to its Mass, it will drift away and be intercepted by the Filter.

Explanation using the Example Car:

If you drive a Car too fast around a Curve, you don't manage to make the Curve and the Weight of the Car pushes the Car further straight ahead. This is exactly how Particles behave in the HEPA Filter. The Fibers in the Filter are randomly arranged, causing the Direction of the Airflow to change permanently, creating " Curves". The faster the Particles move, the easier they are captured.

Locking Effect

Smaller Particles tend to follow Air Streams that pass very close to the Fiber. Often these will nestle close to the Filter Material so that the Diameter of the Particle is greater than the Distance of the Airflow to the Fiber.

Explanation by example:

You are driving on the Highway on the left Lane through a Construction Site. At a marked Lane Change, the maximum Width is pointed out. If there is a wide Vehicle on the other Lane, it is often difficult to pass and since Particles do not have Brakes, they would collide with the Vehicle.

Diffusion Effect

The smallest Particles (<1 µm) do not follow any Currents and are caused to vibrate by colliding with the Molecules in the Air. These then stick upon Contact with the Media Fibers. As the Particle Size increases and the Flow Velocity to the Fibers increases, the Chance of the Particles sticking to a Fiber decreases.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate - CADR explained!

What does the CADR Level actually tell us?

CADR kurz:
Die CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) zu Deutsch: Die Rate der Frischluftversorgung bzw. Luftwiederaufbereitung, ist ein Messwert, der angibt wie gut die Luft durch den Lufterfrischer aufbereitet wurde. Er hilft die Wirksamkeit von den verschiedenen Geräten, die auf dem Markt angeboten werden miteinander zu vergleichen. Kurz gesagt: Je höher der CADR-Wert ist, umso effizienter ist das Produkt.

CADR is a Value that measures the Air that has been cleaned by the Air Purifier. This Value is determined by practical Tests of the various Devices in a standardized Room. This standardized Room is 28.5 m³ and manages to accommodate almost a lying Soccer Goal in itself

Fig. 1 A standardized Room with a Size of 28.5m³.

First, this Type of Room is cleaned very thoroughly before the Product Test and is then filled with a Specific Type of Particles in each case. Afterwards, the amount of Particles that were not filtered by the Device is measured during the respective Tests and later subtracted from the originally supplied Value. This allows the CADR Value to be calculated. This represents the most accurate Method to determine the different Air Purification Products direkt miteinander zu vergleichen. Aspekte wie die Leistung des Luftreinigers, die variierende Größe der Lüftungsschlitze, und die Filter, die in dem Gerät verbaut sind, spielen bei den Tests eine wichtige Rolle, allgemein gilt aber: Je höher der CADR-Wert, desto besser das Gerät. Nicht alle Partikel die zur Luftverschmutzung beitragen sind jedoch gleich groß, weshalb im Test zwischen Rauch-, Staub- und Pollenpartikeln unterschieden und diese separat voneinander untersucht werden müssen. Rauchpartikel besitzen etwa eine Größe von 0,09 – 1,0 Mikrometern, Staubpartikel eine Größe von 0,5 – 3 Mikrometer und Pollenpartikel bewegen sich in dem Bereich von 5,0 – 11 Mikrometern.

Fig. 2 Illustration of Particle Size



Trotz der unterschiedlichen Größe der Partikel fällt die Rate der gefilterten Teilchen, obwohl es nur logisch erscheint, dass große Teilchen leichter gefiltert werden können, oft gleich aus. Dies liegt daran, dass größere Teilchen, wie Staub- oder Pollenpartikel durch ihre Größe schwerer sind und sich somit leichter an Oberflächen und Wänden festsetzen können. Um eine bessere Filtrierung von kleinen Partikel leisten zu können, werden oft langsamer rotierende Lüfter benutzt. Da eine langsame Ansauggeschwindigkeit den großen Partikeln wiederum mehr Zeit lässt, sich auf Flächen abzulagern, bringt der „niedrige“ Filtrierungswert von Großpartikeln jedoch eine umso bessere Filterung von Kleinpartikeln mit sich. Wann und weshalb ein HEPA-Filter or an ETA Filter is sufficient, it is here further explained

Pro Tip: The CADR Rating measures only the Efficiency of the Product and the Noise/Disturbance is not a Factor in this. Depending on where the Product is used, you may be able to reduce annoying Noises by purchasing a larger Product that runs at a lower Level. 

Up to 100% Reimbursement!

The Bridging Aid III

Thanks to the third Version of the Bridging Aid, Air Purifiers purchased after September 1, 2020 are now also eligible for Government Subsidies. You can apply for a Repayment of fixed Costs for your Company until August 1, 2020, and thus receive up to 100% of the Purchase Costs back.

To be noted!
A Company must show a Cost Decrease of at least 30% compared to the same Month in the previous Year, in order to claim the Fixed Cost Reimbursement. The more you have lost in Revenue, the greater the fixed Cost Reimbursement will be.
Recorded drop in Sales of:Results in fixed Cost Reimbursement ofCost of GTs with offset Refund (plus VAT)Cost of Tubes with offset Refund (plus VAT)
70,00%100,00%0,00 €0,00 €
50% and 70%60,00%570,00 €379,90 €
30% and 50%40,00%855,00 €569,40 €

Furthermore, in Educational Institutions such as Schools as well as Day Care Centers for Children and the Disabled, Hygiene Measures are supported by the State. More here

Bei Fragen rund um das Thema ‚Überbrückungshilfe‘ oder ‚Antragsstellung‘ können Sie sich gerne an unseren Vertriebsinnendienst wenden.

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Into the Future and Out of Lockdown with Air Purifiers!

In Bavaria, Recreational Activities such as visiting a Cinema or Restaurant in the Outdoor Area should be possible again as of May 10th. With certain Conditions the stay is to represent a very low Infection Risk by sufficient Distance and the Presentation of a negative Test Result also here.  In order to soon make Indoor Activities possible again, Hygiene Concepts by Air Purifiers & Co. can make the Difference.

At first Glance, it seems almost pointless to open Cinemas and prevent other Indoor Activities. However, the Concept behind it is simple and effective. Cinemas are equipped with good Ventilation Systems which ensure that the Air is well circulated and thus no Aerosol Concentration of Infectious Level can be generated. Furthermore, the Ceilings are very high, which ensures that Aerosols can not accumulate too close to the people. In order to be able to resume Operations in other Facilities, Air Purifiers provide the Solution here.

Air Purifier in Real Conditions:

To this End, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has investigated the Method of actively reducing the Particle Concentration in an enclosed Space with the help of an Air Purifier. To measure this, a Room was equipped with several fine Dust Measuring Devices. These Devices can measure Particles in the Size Range of 0.18 - 18µm¹ using Optical Dynamic Light Scattering. Human breathing was then simulated with artificial Aerosol Generation and subsequently measured under different Circumstances.

Not surprisingly, a permanent, strong Reduction in the Aerosol Concentration could be observed after a short time. Within a few Minutes, the Level of Exposure could be reduced by up to 90%² and even with open Windows, with the help of Air Purifiers, a significantly lower Concentration of Particle Numbers could be observed.

The Hygiene Concept for Your Business!

In order to find the perfect Concept for your Company, you can get Information directly from the Experts about Solutions in the Field of Catering, Event Management and Trade Fair Events.

Just send Request to support@deus21.de.

Our Air Purifiers guarantee Purity for your Business!




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